Let My People Know

The Story of Wilfred Mendelson, "Mendy," August 17, 1915 - July 28, 1938

by Wilfred Mendelsoned. Joseph Leeds
Contributors: Stefano MorelloIsabel EstradaStefan HamiltonScarlet AlmanzarAdonis AndersonKimberly GeraldinoMelanie MatonteTafriha NowsheenAmando Villano Clemente

Wilfred Mendelson, “Mendy,” (1915-1938) was one of thirteen CCNY students, faculty and staff volunteers who died fighting in support of Spain's democracy during the Spanish civil war (1936-1939). Four years after his death, his classmates and fellow volunteers gathered to pay homage to and memorialize him with the publication of Let My People Know: The Story of Wilfred Mendelson (“Mendy”), Student Leader, Organizer, Journalist, Anti-Fascist Soldier Who Fell in Spain July 28, 1938. This digital edition, edited collaboratively by Isabel Estrada, Stefano Morello, and the students in the Spring 2022 course “Activism and the College Experience” at City College, celebrates the activism of the generation of students growing up in the Great Depression and serves as a stark reminder of our own need to politically engage with both local and transnational agendas in order to shape 21st century democracy.

Images and resources courtesy of Archives, The City College of New York, CUNY.

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