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Our Manifold instance serves as a free digital publishing platform for the entire CUNY community, where you can create and share your own scholarship, custom classroom versions of texts and textbooks that are openly licensed or in the public domain, Open Educational Resources (OER), journals, or use Manifold Reading Groups to build your own course reader from materials already available on our instance of Manifold.

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Welcome to Manifold @CUNY!
Browse a collection of vibrant texts uploaded to the CUNY Manifold platform. You can find a broad range of projects here, including original scholarship undergoing peer review, teaching handbooks, collaborative student projects, and customized course versions of texts and textbooks in the public domain.
Class projects from courses across the 25-campus CUNY system
Open-source, scholarly editions of historical texts, accessibly designed for students. Editions are offered to the public at no cost by a team of CUNY students and faculty.
The Center for the Humanities encourages collaborative and creative work in the humanities at CUNY and across the city through public programming, projects, seminars, conferences, publications and exhibitions.

Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative publishes unexpected, genre-bending works by important 20th century writers.
This collection contains resources for project creators on CUNY Manifold. These include Quick Guides available on the Manifold Learn page.
Explore esta colección de textos en español del dominio público, subidos a la plataforma de CUNY Manifold.
Handbooks, guides, and other texts on the subject of pedagogy
Open Poetics Series 1 is a Litmus Press digital publishing project. The series provides critical editions of lesser-known and out-of-print works of contemporary poetry that were originally published by O Books and The Post-Apollo Press, and are now being managed and distributed by Litmus. Titles in this series incorporate external materials—critical essays, alternate versions, reviews, translations, and archival images—that have been curated by a board of poets and teachers. This project offers a living archival solution to the challenges of visibility and accessibility faced by avant-garde and experimental writing championed by small presses.

For more about Litmus Press, visit the Litmus Press website.
Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation Projects published by CUNY Students