It’s go in/ quiet illumined grass/ land

from the Open Poetics series published by Litmus Press

by Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino dedicates her poem it's go in / quiet illumined grass / land to the artist Petah Coyne and the poet Philip Whalen (1923-2002): "one is in space / one is in time." Her poem considers relation(s) in time and space as being physical, social, and atemporally synchronous. What does it mean to "Always stay in / the quiet illumined grass/ land—" ? Where and what and how is this place and what are the possibilities there?


It’s go in/ quiet illumined grass/ land was published by The Post-Apollo Press in 2002. Leslie Scalapino first presented the poem at the opening of sculptor Petah Coyne's exhibition White Rain (Galerie Lelong, NYC, 2001).


The work of Petah Coyne and other artists are essential references throughout Scalapino's cosmology. Scalapino's commitment to artistic exchange and collaborative poetics shaped much of her own work and deeply influenced the communities of artists surrounding her.


This digital-critical edition highlights the poet-artist exchange, friendship and cross-disciplinary collaboration as it appears not only in the poem but also as its impetus and aftermath. This edition gathers a selection of Scalapino's collaborations and other adjacent poet-artist dialogues, situating the work among networks of friendship and encounter.


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