Changing Natures, the Nature of Change: Final Projects

Queens College, Spring 2022, ENG 243: GENRE

This is a collection of final student work for the Spring 2022 section of English 243: Genre instructed by Eric Dean Wilson. Our theme was "Changing Natures, the Nature of Change," and we read a variety of genres representing the course of four hundred years of Anglophone literature that addressed issues of the environment, nature, and ecological crisis. Students had a choice to submit a final critical research paper or a final creative work with attached critical reflection. For the creative work, students were asked to imitate or take inspiration from one of the genre works we explored in class: lyric poetry, drama, or short science fiction. In our final few weeks, we read science fiction by Ursula K. LeGuin and Octavia Butler. Most students took inspiration from these two writers.

Image (c) David Benjamin Sherry, "MANORATHADAYAKS CALIFORNIA 2010"


Short Science Fiction



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