Transforming Corporate Communication

Renewing an existing business communication course

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Dino Sossi
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This project explores the transformation of a CUNY course on Corporate Communication.

It highlights several course activities that were inspired by my work as a fellow with CUNY's Transformative Learning in the Humanities (TLH). TLH is a collaboration between CUNY and the Mellon Foundation. This specific course is offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies as part of its Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media.

I hope to inspire CUNY student work around Freire & Macedo's (2005) idea of writing the world. In short, how can we create learning opportunities for our students that focus not only on changing the world of the classroom and CUNY, but also their home communities as a whole?

Please check out the links on the right-hand-side of this page for all of this course's content. Enjoy!


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