Touchstone - Spring Fall 2017

Volume 9.1


Jason Buchanan

This year’s theme for Touchstone is “New Approaches to New Environments,” which is appropriate for a time in our country that, to put it mildly, represents a quickly changing environment. It feels like every day there is a seismic shift in the bedrock of politics, cultures, and communities that constitute our country. The world seems to fit the pattern proclaimed by Stephen Blackpool, from Dicken’s Hard Times, when he said “Who can look on’t sir, and fairly tell a man ‘tis not a muddle?” At times, I can feel distanced from these changes due to my position in academia, but that’s not really true. Look a little closer and it becomes very apparent that the students, staff, and faculty of Hostos are all trying to find a patch of firm ground to help stabilize them during these shaky times.

Cover Image: Forest Wander, "Autumn Trees Country Road Fence," 2011.

Fall 2017 Touchstone 9.1


2017 Touchstone


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    How do we Teach the Pathway Topic of “Human Rights” through Case Studies and Student Activities?