Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, no. 22

General Issue

Edited by Courtney Dalton, Benjamin Miller, and Michael Rifino

“While assembling the articles for this issue, we noted that several pieces seem to pick up on threads started in previous issues of JITP, particularly our themed issues on open educational resources, surveillance, and extended reality. This is hardly surprising, since the nature of interactive technology and pedagogy is such that one special issue is never enough. It is likewise unsurprising that the issue invokes new conversations, some of which were not predictable from the state of the field when JITP’s first issue was published more than ten years ago.”



Issue Twenty-Two Masthead

Issue Editors Courtney Dalton, Benjamin Miller, Michael Rifino

Managing Editor Patrick DeDauw

Copyeditors Elizabeth Alsop, Patrick DeDauw, Summer Hamilton, Jojo Karlin, Brandon Walsh, Anna Zeemont, Nicole Zeftel

Staging Editors Anne Donlon, Inés Vañó García, Kelly Hammond, Laura Wildemann Kane, Anna Alexis Larsson, Krystyna Michael, Asma Neblett, Danica Savonick


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    CUNY Manifold
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    New York, NY