Writing the World

TLH 2022 Project

by Shawna Mary BrandleKatherine CulkinDino SossiYan Yang

The busy daily lives of teachers and students can lead our work to be less impactful than it could otherwise. With a long list of academic tasks to attend to, we can unfortunately tend to make learning opportunities less reflective of the world around us than they could be. In contrast, scholars like Freire & Macedo (2005) invite us to expand the ambition of what we do as educators, but also our students, to consider the broader world around us.

Based on the introductory quote above as well as the work of Freire, Macedo, and other educators we have been so fortunate to read and discuss within Transformative Learning in the Humanities (TLH), we hope to inspire our student work around the idea of writing the world. In short, how can we create learning opportunities for our students that focus not only on changing the world of the classroom and CUNY, but also their communities as a whole?