Woven Knowledge

The Quilted Experiences of Cohort XX

Welcome to Woven Knowledge:

This site represents a collective, yearlong effort by the students of Cohort XX in the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Over the span of two semesters--beginning in the Fall 20 Colloquium Course and concluding in the Spring 21 Introduction to Research Course--students drafted, workshopped, and edited the positionality essays published on this site. We also created the image displayed on this site: a digital quilt that incorporates sixteen squares representing each of us as individuals which, when combined, represent our shared experiences. The title of this site aligns with this image, and I invite you to click on the resources tab below to see the image in full.

The essays included here are deeply personal, unapologetically political, and potentially pedagogical. As readers, we all have something to learn from the authors; and I invite you to think of these essays as testimonios. They are written as "I" statements, and they all--to different degrees--question the extent to which that "I" represents a broader collective. In so doing, they take up enduring questions about educational research, representation, and scholarly voice. This is a collection of testimonios produced by first-year students entering their doctoral program in the midst of a global pandemic and against the backdrop of global movements for racial justice. These realities have informed our context and our course content, and I imagine that they will shape readers' engagement with these texts as well.

Cohort 20 members include (in alphabetical order, by last name): Orubba Almansouri ~ Matthew Anderson ~ Lucien Baskin ~ Gisely Colón-López ~ Mieasia Edwards ~ Adelia Gibson ~ Shobita Mampilly ~ Alprentice McCutchen ~ Sunisa Nuonsy ~ Jennifer (Jenna) Queenan ~ Michelle Rendón ~ Rachel Watts ~ Crystal Welch-Scott ~ Anthony Wheeler ~ Natalie Willens. While not all of the authors have chosen to publish their work here, all were an inextricable part of the creative process that has resulted in this site. Anthony, Michelle, and Natalie devoted additional time to preparing the content for this site: thank you. I am grateful to leaders in the field of Digital Humanities at the Graduate Center––Matthew Gold (Professor), Robin Miller (Open Educational Technologist), and Wendy Barrales (Manifold Graduate Fellow)––for providing their generous support and guidance throughout this process.


--Ariana Mangual Figueroa Associate Professor Ph.D. Programs in Urban Education & Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures

Digital Quilt Created by Cohort XX & Dr. Ariana Mangual Figueroa


Positionality Statements