Towards a Critically Open Future

An Annotated Resource Guide for Open Educational Resources

by Brian MercadoAngela LaScala-GruenewaldNicole CoteMaria Victoria SalazarTania Avilés Vergara

Annotated Resource Guides offer an in-depth look at a variety of topics, through a critical lens with a focus on open resources. Towards a Critically Open Future contains work by Brian Mercado, Angela LaScala-Gruenewald, Nicole Cote, Tania Avilés Vergara, and Maria Victoria Salazar.

    These extensive guides are an essential tool for educators, addressing contemporary issues of police violence, feminist care narratives, the historical impact(s) of pandemics, and Latinx community activism.

Edited by Elvis Bakaitis.


  • publisher
    Mina Rees Library, The Graduate Center
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    New York City
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