Resources for OER

A Collection

This project is a collection of resources related to Open Educational Resources. White papers, academic articles, research data, and tutorials can be found in the contained project collections.

Using this project

In this project, there is no central text. You are invited to use these resources as suits your needs.

Below you will find four core Project Collections with PDFs of relevant White Papers for download, Permalinks to relevant Library resources, and survey data distributed with a Creative Commons license.

White Papers

A common occurrence in the current OER landscape is the production of reports outlining both the need for and obstacles to OER adoption at the institutional level. This collection gathers a few resources including one from Ontario Council of University Libraries from 2017, and two others from 2013.

Library Links

Here you will find links to Mina Rees Library assets: - The full text of Graine Conole's Designing for Learning in an Open World (2013) - Stacy Katz's book chapter "Open Educational Resources: Why Libraries Are Incentivizing Open Content Creation, Curation, and Adaptation"

Research Data

Here you can download the spreadsheet of the survey data collected by Brandle, Shawna M., Sheila Beck, Amy Beth, Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Caileen Cooney, Jacqueline M. DiSanto, Anne Hays, Stacy Katz, Linda Miles, and Abigail Morrison (2019). "CUNY ZTC Student Survey" also available at


This resource collection contains presentations regarding topics of OER concern, including: Jill Cirasella's “Scholarly States & Stakes: The Open, the Closed, and the Fair” presented April 22, 2019, at the Pratt Institute. (Find more from Jill Cirasella on the CUNY Academic Commons)


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