background: Billy Rose Theatre Division, The New York Public Library. "Mr. Kean as Othello" The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1825 - 1850.

Reading Othello

This course copy of Othello by William Shakespeare has been prepared for Beata Potocki's English [] class at John Jay College.


As you read the script, take notes using Manifold's annotation function. Highlight the text you wish to comment on, type your comment, and be sure to select your class reading group.

Annotation types

As you reflect on your reading, you may leave comments of different types:

  • Pointing out a detail of the text and describing what you think it means
  • Asking questions about a sentence or paragraph's meaning or about a figure of speech you don't understand
  • Reflecting on the historical context (you may choose to include a link to another web page for this and describe the information)
  • Connecting to personal experience, class discussion, or other course materials

You may also choose to answer other students’ questions or add on to their observations.


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