My Slipper Floated Away

New American Memoirs

Contributors: Justine Hope BlauJenifer RodriguezAbdul SyedJoel AlvaradoGertrude KobbahGriffith NunezDanny CaceresSteven NginAlfiya M.Alibamba SillahNabeelah VanRobyn RansomeSocheath SurJ. G.A. K. N.Nicole de la CruzDelilah Ortiz HassarathEstefania ValenciaA. P.Omar FajardoCavrille O’GarroRaquel TorresMonroe AndersonEric Agyenim-BoatengAmanda LopezShanique Bowden

My Slipper Floated Away is an anthology of fresh, compelling essays written by students at Lehman College in the Bronx. The writers are immigrants or the children of immigrants and/or POC. They grew up hearing gunshots and sirens at night, played fire escape basketball and still celebrate Thanksgiving by dancing. The stories reveal the writers' intense longing to belong in America and their passion to succeed in this country, while dealing with myriad challenges. They bear witness, in riveting, artful narratives that will be revelatory to Americans who fear and resent immigrants or people of color.

Editor: Justine Hope Blau

Student Memoirists: Jenifer Rodriguez, Abdul Syed, Joel Alvarado, Gertrude Kobbah, Griffith Nunez, Danny Caceres, Steven Ngin, Alfiya M., Alibamba Sillah, Nabeelah Van, Robyn Ransome, Socheath Sur, J.G., A.K.N., Nicole de la Cruz, Delilah Ortiz Hassarath, Estefania Valencia, A.P., Omar Fajardo, Cavrille O’Garro, Raquel Torres, Monroe Anderson, Eric Agyenim-Boateng, Amanda Lopez, Shanique Bowden


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    New York, NY

"Perseverance: New York Stories" ~ videos based on three of the stories in the anthology, "My Slipper Floated Away."