In a time where keeping connection alive and supporting artists and writers is of great importance, Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative will be continuing our ethos of collectivity, archival recovery, and collaboration. For this project, we commissioned the CUNY and Lost & Found community of poets/writers, archivists/scholars, and artists to dive into their personal archives, or the archives of their research focus to publish short-form digital works. The lightness of “Light Relief” also extends to the work itself—readily available fragments from works in progress, or works completed, rather than extensive work or reproductions from the archive.

The goal of Light Relief from Lost & Found, and the core of our work as a whole lies in careful attention to the interplay of poetry, poetics, friendship, and politics. Although our offering is modest, we hope to at least give some support to those whose incomes have been compromised but whose work remains crucial.

Special thanks to our friends and collaborators Engaging the Senses Foundation for their generous support.

Archive Glyph by Edward Sanders for Lost & Found. Courtesy of the artist.




Series III