Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, no. 14

Themed Issue on Teaching & Research with Archives



  • Introduction

    by Danica Savonick, Jojo Karlin, and Stephen Klein

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Articles on Teaching & Research with Archives

Views from the Field

Issue Fourteen Masthead

Issue Editors Danica Savonick, Jojo Karlin, Stephen Klein

Managing Editor Patrick DeDauw

Copyeditors Anne Donlon, Patrick DeDauw, Jojo Karlin, Benjamin Miller, Nicole Zeftel

Style and Structure Editor Dominique Zino

Staging Editors Teresa Ober, Lisa Brundage, Anne Donlon, Krystyna Michael, Benjamin Miller, Danica Savonick, sava saheli singh, Inés Vañó García, Luke Waltzer


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    CUNY Manifold
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