Drama in Education

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Drama in Education EDCE 7700A is a foundational course for The Graduate Program in Educational Theatre at The City College of New York (CCNY). It is the first class that candidates take along with the co-requisite Artistic Lab I EDCE 7600A. The latter is a course that introduces candidates to graduate school, the importance of building a network, and the larger arts education community in NYC, as well as the pedagogy and practice of Drama in Education.

It is important that candidates are trained to think about bringing their own identity to their work. In reimagining what it means to provide tools for an emerging practitioner in arts education through a social justice lens, Chris Emdin’s “The Five C’s of Reality Pedagogy: Cogenerative Dialogues, CoTeaching, Cosmopolitanism, Context and Content” has influenced changes in the way the course is taught and how work is assigned. This Open Educational Resource (OER) has been created in response to two primary needs in the field: making sure these resources are accessible and bringing more BIPOC voices into arts education. The intended audience for the course is graduate level preservice theatre teachers, teaching artists, and anyone interested in using drama as a teaching tool in their pedagogical practice, professors interested in using the materials to teach drama-in-education, another content area teachers using the arts as a teaching tool integrated in their practice. All these stakeholders were considered when designing the curriculum.

Drama in Education

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