Clear-Sighted Statistics

An Introduction to Statistics Textbook

by Edward Volchok

The discipline of Statistics is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Clear-Sighted Statistics is an open access introductory textbook that addresses the shortcomings of current introductory textbooks. Clear-Sighted Statistics covers topics introductory textbooks ignore or mishandle, including: 1) How to conduct statistical analyses using Microsoft Excel as well as by hand. 2) How valid and reliable data are obtained. 3) The measurement of a standardized effect size. 4) The difference between practical and statistical significance. 5) What p-values actually tell us. 6) The importance of statistical power. 7) How to calculate statistical power and the probability of committing a Type II error. In addition, while the difference between correlation and causation has been a staple of Statistics books since the turn of the twentieth century, Clear-Sighted Statistics reviews how to establish causal relationships using random controlled tests and observational studies; these important topics are rarely, if ever, reviewed in introductory textbooks.

Clear-Sighted Statistics

Clear-Sighted Statistics is an introduction to Statistics textbook.

Clear-Sighted Statistics: An Introduction to Statistics


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Clear-Sighted Statistics is an Open Educational Resource. It is an introductory statistics textbook intended for students of Business and the Social Sciences. This work has a Creative Commons license. You are free to share derivatives of this work for non-commercial purposes only. Please attribute this work to Edward Volchok. ISBN: 978-1-7923-3623-2