Building Open Infrastructure at CUNY

by Krystyna MichaelPaul L. HebertElvis BakaitisInés Vañó GarcíaJason NielsenClaudia CrowieMiryam NacimentoElaine SandovalNatalie OshukanyGwen ShawHelena Shaskevich

This project presents reflections by CUNY Graduate Center faculty, staff, and students on ongoing work on open educational resources and open pedagogy. These projects have been supported by the Teaching and Learning Center and GC Digital Initiatives.

Special thanks to Mei Ling Chua for the cover design.

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    Building Open Infrastructure at CUNY

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  • Building Open Infrastructure at CUNY

    by Krystyna Michael, Paul Hebert, Inés Vaño-Garcia, Jason Nielsen, Claudia Crowie, Miryam Nascimento, Elaine Sandoval, Natalie Oshukanay, Gwen Shaw, Helena Shaskevich, Paul L. Hebert, Inés Vañó García, Natalie Oshukany
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