Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Program - Professional Preparation Manual

CUNY @ York College

(Top-Bottom; Left-Right) Professor Shirell Roeback, Solange Medina, Marilin Antoncuri, Gabriella Arteaga, Dana Ross, Luis Quinones, Felecia Rajendranauth, Seedika Meighoo, Melissa Marshall-Roper and Linda Dupuis. Not shown Vivian Breland-DeSheilds and Milana Davydova

York College BSSW Professional Preparation

The Social Work Professional Preparation Manual is a result of a collaborative assignment of students from the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Program at CUNY York College, edited by the Director of Social Work Field Education, Professor Shirell Roeback. The manual has social work specific professional information on • Self-Care • Time Management • Professional Social Work Organizations • Cover Letters • Resumes • Thank You Letters

The BSSW students have collected Open Educational Resources (OER) and free public available information, designed as a “starter kit” for social work students to enter the professional world. The manual contains some original works from the students.

This project results from the City University of New York - Open Educational Resources (OER) – Course Conversion grant – Fall 2019.

Time Management Skills and Techniques

Professional Social Work Organizations

Cover Letters - Tips and Examples

Social Work Resumes Tips and Examples

Thank You Letters


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