Podcast Series: Queer & Trans Voices


This podcast series addresses central themes of my interdisciplinary research, and is divided into two parts:

In the first part of the series, I am in conversation with activist scholars Jen Manion and Dylan Rodriguez, and representatives of prison abolitionist organizations, Dominique Morgan and Kimberly Mckenzie, to discuss the creative & collective processes of an abolitionist praxis, and to talk about what it means to practice abolition.

The second part of the series is centered around the archival process of my project. It features interviews with sound artists and scholars Sharon Daniel and Liz Canfield who have collaborated on their projects with incarcerated people, and situates my project’s sonic archive along with their projects. In these conversations, I discuss the collective and creative practices of our projects, and examine the ways in which these relate to an abolitionist praxis.

Part I: The Case for (Prison) Abolition

Episode 1: Introduction & Histories on Gender and Sexuality and the Carceral State with Jen Manion

Episode 2: Abolition as Praxis with Dylan Rodriguez

Episode 3: Abolition as a Community-Building Practice with Black & Pink National and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Part II: Building the Archive

Episode 4: Abolitionist Sound Project - Public Secrets with Sharon Daniel

Episode 5: Abolitionist Sound Project - We Are Your Neighbors: Across the Walls of Silence with Liz Canfield

Episode 6: Reflection - Creating the Sonic Archive of Prison Writings (coming soon)

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