Etel in New York: Archives and Artefacts

This resource collection shines light on the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. This archive houses both Etel Adnan’s personal archives and those of Simone Fattal and The Post-Apollo Press and holds a wealth of personal and professional material rife with research opportunities for future readers, editors, and scholars. In this resource collections we offer a curated road map of material on Etel Adnan at the Bancroft Library, inviting prospective users of the archive to navigate the material with more ease.

The archive’s mix of personal and professional material–drafts of manuscript, articles, reviews, interviews, audio recordings, correspondence, and business records in English, French, and Arabic–illustrate the complexity and richness of Etel Adnan’s life as an artist and writer deeply connected to multiple artistic communities around the world, as well the communal, interdependent, and often intimate nature of small press publishing.

More material will become available in accordance with the archive's availabilities.

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Etel Adnan at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1979

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