Entry by Ethan Tampus: Alfred Dedreux (1810–1860) as a Child

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This oil painted image depicts the childhood of the nephew of Theodore Gericault’s (the original creator of the work) friend, named Pierre-Joseph Dedreux-Dorcy (more colloquially known as Dorcy), who was also a French painter. This painting was conceived during the movement known as Romanticism, which was a time period in which there was a major highlighting of the meaning of the “human experience”, and one that placed more emphasis on the individual and intellect. The manifestation of this in paintings was seen in discrete and very fine details in depiction of human beings on a canvas, and also an emphasis on painting the surrounding area and the “nature” and location of the piece. One can see these different elements of Romanticism in the painting of Dedreux from the emphasis on subtle gesture with the way he is postured on the rock, the facial expression, as well as the detailed and layered coloring of the surrounding nature.

Author: Ethan Campus

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