Entry by Amber Pena: Drury Lane Theatre from Microcosm of London

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This artwork is an image of the most recent theater before it burned down called Drury Lane Theatre. Originally built in the 16th century but the highest point was in the 18 century. Location of these places London Pub1st. Dated as August 1808. The visual of this image has many aspects going on. The architecture of the theater is ideal for the century, including many formations of arches. That is seen with the interior design of walls, detailed artwork showing a captivating story. The environment itself conveys a narrative to viewers. The location of the stage is at the center which allows everyone to see it. Although social hierarchy is depicted in the image. The wealthy group is physically closer and higher to the performers and actresses in a private balcony, some being at the top with lorgnette. Demonstrating that there were gaps in wealth even among the upper class. Because many members of the lower classes could not afford to attend these performances. As seen in the scene, the middle class was placed in the orchestra, making it difficult to see due to the stage being raised. The upbringing shows social class in theater that influenced today's theaters and the way it's set up. The main focus of this image is the live action and the reason why everyone is in the theater. We see a male dressed in gold armor and men surrounding an armor as well. There are people bowing down to him, said to be known that the production that is happening in this photo is a Shakespeare original known as Coriolanus. A popular play during this time.

Author: Amber Pena

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