Open Educational Practices (OEP): Design-based Research on Expanded High School learning Environments, Spaces, and Experiences

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In current K-12 learning contexts, there is much potential for research that examines the expansion of learning beyond formal learning environments and enquiry about how digital networks can support all learners in accessing people, content and ideas that were previously inaccessible. Using a design-based research (DBR) approach, this research examined how high school learners expanded their learning beyond formal learning environments as a result of the teacher implementing an open learning design intervention (OLDI) and designing for open educational practices (OEP). This study builds upon an analysis of existing research on developing open learning practices in K-12 learning environments, describes and evaluates OEP in an existing high school classroom and evaluates the impact of OEP in a high school learning environment to inform broader K-12 OEP design and high school open learning principles.