Reginald Barker, The Italian (1915)

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Beppo, an Italian gondolier, is in love with Annette, who has another suitor, wealthy but much older. Her father gives Beppo a year to prove himself, so he emigrates to New York City, opens a shoeshine stand, and makes many friends among his neighbors. He meets his ward boss, Corrigan, who, to a friendly, unsophisticated immigrant like Beppo, seems to be a good fellow. Eventually he makes enough money to send for Annette. They marry and have a son. When the baby becomes ill from lack of pasteurized milk, Beppo rushes out to to buy some, but is robbed of his last few cents, and is arrested when he brawls with the thugs who robbed him. He appeals to Corrigan for help, but is rebuffed. Beppo is jailed and his baby dies. Later, crazed with grief, he learns that Corrigan's child has fallen ill. He sneaks into the house of the ward boss, intent on revenge, but has a change of heart when the sick child makes a gesture in her sleep, reminding Beppo of his own son. (Source: Library of Congress,

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