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Simone Fattal founded The Post-Apollo Press in 1982, shortly after her arrival in California from Paris, with the express purpose of publishing Etel Adnan’s chapbook, From A to Z. She went on to publish a number of books over the course of 30+ years, living between Sausalito, California where Simone based the Post-Apollo office and Paris. Over the years, Simone and Etel developed a rich and supportive network of friends and colleagues: poets, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, activists, journalists, scholars. Working alongside fellow small press publishers Leslie Scalapino (publisher of O Books), Rena Rosenwasser (publisher of Kelsey Street Books), and Lyn Hejinian (publisher of Atelos) Simone learned the publishing trade, attended book fairs, shared resources, and developed her own unique editorial sensibility and approach to publishing.

This resource collection offers interviews, conversations and archives, situating the Post-Apollo Press in a lineage of US-based, radical small-press publishing. The collection also includes links to free, digitized publications, pointing to the wealth of radical writing that was and continues to be enabled through social and artistic communities of independent publishing.

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Counting The New Age: an Interview with Simone Fattal of The Post-Apollo Press

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In this interview Simone Fattal discusses the details of starting and maintaining the Post-Apollo Press, alongside her partner Etel Adnan.

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