Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 60

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The Algol 60 Report. This is neither the preliminary report, nor the revised report.

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J. W. Backus, F. L. Bauer, J. Green, C. Katz, J. McCarthy, A. J. Perlis, H. Rutishauser, K. Samelson, B. Vauquois, J. H. Wegstein, A. van Wijngaarden, M. Woodger, and Peter Naur. 1960. Report on the algorithmic language ALGOL 60. Communications of the ACM volume 3, issue 5 (May 1960), 299–314. DOI:

The purpose of the report was to develop a complete description of an international algorithmic language for expressing numerical processes in a form suitable for translation into computer programming languages.

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