Litmus Press Open Poetics Series

Litmus Press Open Poetics Series

Open Poetics is a new web and e-book series by Litmus Press, providing critical editions of lesser-known and out-of-print works of contemporary poetry for free, along with multimedia tools that illuminate their context. These editions offer a living archival solution to the challenges of visibility and accessibility faced by avant-garde and experimental writing championed by small presses.


Open Poetics is produced in partnership with CUNY’s Manifold Scholarship, an open-access, collaborative, digital platform for scholarly publishing. The platform accommodates in-text links to images, videos and external literary materials. These serve as contextual coordinates to inspire and assist users’ own active reading responses while not overwhelming them, as critical editions often do, with a sense that the texts have already been figured out by scholars. Litmus Press’s Open Poetics editions provide curated, publicly viewable, annotations. Additionally, the annotation function, which facilitates dynamic line-by-line conversation, allows readers to puzzle out the text via their own marginalia, or in discussion and collaboration within private reading groups.


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